I cover Black Lives Matter protests in Munich as an ally. Here I collect my photos, videos an 360-degree material.

On 1000lights I usually only publish my light paintings. The Black Lives Matter footage is an exception.

06.06.2020 Silent Protest

For 8 Minutes 46 Seconds 25,000 kneeled in silence on the Königsplatz.

Afterwards, Roger Rekless spoke:

“This is not the beginning, but a new level of resistance to racism. We are demonstrating here where the Nazis celebrated themselves.”

The biggest demonstration on Königsplatz that I personally ever witnessed.

Meanwhile, I had a bad feeling about the Corona and the small distance.

During and after the protest I reflected on the topic of social distancing during the protests. I formulated my thoughts here.

It feels good to have been part of this historic protest, even though I think we should develop other forms of protest at the moment.

For example, a kind of decentralized chain of lights, where the rules of distance can be respected, would be a possibility. To get down on our knees together and keep quiet. Let us develop new forms of protest. And let us together shape the “New Normality“. The forms of protests should be as powerful but also careful as possible. In our protesting youth and strength we should not forget the most vulnerable sections of the population. But also let us not weaken our fight against racism. ✊🏿


11.07.2020 Black Lives Matter


My Photos and Videos from the Black Lives Matter protests are free to use, if you credit and name me (cc by Ulrich Tausend). Source Files of all my photos and videos from the >silent protest< on 06.06.2020 and the >Black Lives Matter Protest< on 11.07.2020 in Munich.