Light paintings fascinate. You look again, wondering how this is possible without “computer tricks”. The information that everything was just “painted” with lights during a long exposure photograph gives a lasting impact.

Live light painting enriches your event in an unusual and memorable way: interested viewers become enthusiastic participants painting themselves – wanting to be part of an artwork. The photographs created by your guests in teams are being shared with enthusiasm – fascinating an audience far beyond of the people present on your event.

There are different ways how you can use light paintings at your event:

Light Painting Photo Booth

Supported by light painting artists your guests can take individual or group photos. All they and you can think of, we make it possible in their individual artwork – featuring them. If they wish to they can even paint their symbols, messages or slogan themselves taking home their printed copy or get it from your website. If you wish the spectators can even watch live on a screen how the artwork being created – step by step.

Time required per photo: 1-4 minutes
Participants per photo: 1-7 persons

Team Building Light Painting

Each group member receives an LED light with which it draws certain letters and / or forms. In combination these form a message or image in the photo. Each individual as well as team work is important to create the joined artwork. Ideas are born and developed in a team. Results are immediately visible. The resulting images remind everyone involved of this unique experience and are a manifestation of their teamwork.

Time required: 5-15 minutes
Participants: 3-50 persons

Medienkompetenz Teambuilding Lightpainting hplp

Audience Light Painting

Every visitor of the event receives an LED light. While the space is darkened for about 20 seconds everyone draws an individual or coordinated shape in the air. Super simple – but the resulting images will delight young and old and make passive spectators to be contributors of a unique performance. If desired specially instructed artists in the audience draw additional more complex shapes or matching lettering to enrich the picture. Optionally the spectators can view how their creation is being formed while they draw. Audience Light Paintings can have a profound impact.

Time required: 1-5 minutes
Participants: 10-10000

At the re-publica we set the lightpainting world record together! #rp15lights #rp15
The audience light painting world record photo at the re:publica conference went trending on twitter right away.
9Volt Space Opera Premiere@ScifiFestival
At the 9Volt Space Opera Premiere we arranged the artists in front of their audience.

The video shows the creation of the audience light painting at the Kids Photo Award in Munich.

Individual Light Paintings

There are many possibilities how to create and use light painting. We are happy to use your ideas as inspiration for unique images and cater to individual requests.

Possibilities include:

  • Portrait photos
  • “Special effects” such as magical beams of light or visible thought bubbles
  • Floating, luminous logos or writing
  • Items which are illuminated in an unusual way or where certain aspects are highlighted with “magical” strokes
  • Light painting films
  • Special pictures of rooms
Lightpainting​ at QVED conference. No Photoshop, just long exposure and lights. ### More info and description: ### http://1000lights/qved
With light paintng it is possible to change the appereance of a room or even add slogans like here at the QVED design conference.

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