The “Alte Kongresszentrum” lit up during the closing party of the QVED conference. While band and DJ were tending the ears we pleased the eye. The QVED corporate design magically appeared on photos of the event while it was taking place.

All photos are long exposures. The graphics and drawings were painted on site using special lights. No photoshop was used.

We want to thank Boris Kochan and especially Zdenko Curulija for inviting us. Several of the drawings were painted by guests of the party.
Zdenko wrote a blog article in german on the lightpainting performance:

Translation into English:

[quote]How can ideas become visible? Which colors do we see in the dark? Can movement be static?

Ulrich Tausend gives a beautiful answer. His Lightpaintings are not visible on first sight, they impress only on retrospect but give a much more lasting impression. Only through long exposure his dances and colorful movements are caught and the moment is retained.[/quote]

The QVED (Quo Vadis Editorial Design Conference) was part of the MCBW (Munich Creative Business Week).