I took light painting underwater. On just one breath. My deepest dream ever.



📷 Light painting photography: Ulrich Tausend, 1000lights
🎥 Filming and editing: Gustavo Neves, Peregrinus Studio

🙏 Additional images courtesy of Oceans and Flow, Bernhard Rauscher, re:publica, Tincon, Benjamin David, Kulturstrand, Alexander Hirl, Aegialis Hotel, Grupo Bensaude, Thasos Papapanos, Harry Klein Club, Christine Schlech.

💃🏻 Thank you to all the dancers, Violeta Lapa, Carlos Gavina, Ana Noble, Marina Sans, Nirvan Navrin, Amorgos Diving Center (thank you Dimitri for all the weights) and and everyone else who helped to make this possible.

🐬 Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1 M2.

🌍 Filmed in Greece, Portugal and Germany.

♥️ Premiered on Cap Rouge Day 11.06.2020, exactly 110 years after Jacques Cousteau was born.

🦔 I apologize to the sea urchin I stepped into at the beginning of the shoot below the Poseidon temple. Still feel you.

More? I started my underwater light painting adventures on the Azores.


Making Off


The Big Blue? Parts of the the classic underwater movie by Luc Besson was shot on Amorgos. I wanted to do light painting next to the Olympic, the shipwreck shown in the movie. But there was so much plastic in that bay, that we had to decide against it. You can see the very emotional Instagram story here. Gustavo showed the ship in the teaser for the Oceans and Flow Meraki adventure in Greece.
The wonderful artist Ana Nobel was part of the Oceans And Flow Adventure on Amorgos. It was great seeing her play with the waterfall-glass of the Aegialis Hotel.
Very tiny at the center: At the first shoot in the ocean sheep wanted to eat our food.
We did the first under water shoot in the ocean during the day. We used an ND filter. Extra difficulty: Bubbles are bright white in the sunlight.
Taking a break 😜 while One Breath Freediving is doing what he he can do best.
Trying to do bubble rings while relaxing.
Having Carlos Gavina as a support as well as a model was a dream. He is the most professional photographer I ever met. He did a lot of light painting illuminating port wines.
Without the Olympus live composite functionality many of the shoots would not have been possible.
The shoot near the Poseidon temple started at sunset.
Amazing photo by Gustavo Neves.
Gustavo shooting me shooting Violeta.
On the final dive I was just relaxing. A group of scuba divers was passing below us. they freaked out a bit, when Gustavo and me went down to say “hello”.
Whats Next? Going Deeper?